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     Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory CO.,LTD is subordinate company of Guangzhou Mechanical and Electrical Group holding limited company. Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory who was established in 1911 is one of enterprises manufacturing diesel with the longest history in china. Since continuously, it has gradually formed " Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory Brand" depending on the abundant strength, the reliable quality, the high quality service and the good prestige, situated at the front row of the 500 largest machinery industries in china and listed as one of pivot equip enterprises in GuangDong Province .
Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory CO.,LTD now have 1,100 employees who are troops of high quality administrative cadre, exquisite technology engineers and technical workers are the strong backing of the enterprise¨s continuing survival and development. The district in factory which has so many green trees to shade and is an exquisite environment ,are area of 160,000 sq meters(workshop are area of 90,000 sq meters).It has the office building, the technical building as well as the foundry, the machine-finishing workshop, the general assembly workshop and so on. It has fine reputation of "the garden type enterprise".
Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory CO.,LTD is the largest factory specialized manufacturing medium speed diesel engines in the South China, which has a series of technical equipment and instrument such as the foundry, the machine-finishing, the assembly, the experiment and so on. The foundry ,which yearly produces more than 8,000 tons foundry goods ,specialized product large and middle scale modular foundry iron and the high quality alloy-foundry iron. The machine-finishing shop has not only many high accuracy big and medium horizontal、vertical and pentahedral and etc NC control equipments and processing center, but also one batch of some more advanced import machine-finishing equipments. The productivity of assembly workshop may achieve 300,000 kW yearly manufacturing diesel engine, the experiments workshop have many experiment gantry, as well as each kind of advanced test facility of high efficiency diesel engine, carrying on testing product. The diesel engine product technology rank the leading position in the domestic colleague, the sale of products covers each place, and exports to Indonesian, Vietnamese, Camboda, Maldives, Bangladesh and so on.
Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory CO.,LTD achieved the Quality System Certificate to ISO9001 standard. It provides the best services for customers following principles "reliable, durable, economical; keep ahead in the enterprise which manufacture the like product."
Product scope
,The production of medium speed high efficiency marine diesel engine and generating sets
, There are series of 300, 320,230 diesel engines and more than 50 odd specification in which the model 230 gas engine that has the international advanced level,the high efficiency, the energy conservation and the environmental protection is developing.
, The products rank 400 horsepower to 3,300 horsepow in which the maximum wor rate of the empoldering G32 diesel engine will surpass 5,000 horsepower.
, The main product which series of 320, 230 diesel engines obtain the International Maritime Organization (IMO)"Diesel engine International To prevent Air pollution Conforms to Proof", is environmental protection.
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